We are founded in Jakarta in 2008. Since then, we have become the most progressive IT Consultant. Every year we have been growing and developing to become a better one.

Moonlay already served clients from varied industry such as finance, banking, manufacturing, building construction, retailing and property management industry. Moonlay Technologies believes its capabilities and cooperation to provide the best solution for  business needs with extensive exposures and numerous experiences.


Moonlay divided into three groups, Brain Resources, Software Tailor and Mokki Design. Each team consist of talented people with passion, integrity, great qualities and thrust to deliver real business result.


Being the most progressive and most  reliable IT consultant & talent pool in Indonesia.


Provide our clients with the most reliable IT service

& product.


.NET • SQL Server • Oracle • Javascript • HTML5 • CSS3 • Enterprise Application Block • Composite UI Application Block • Silverlight • Agile Software Development Life Cycle •  Windows Presentation Foundation • Model View Controller • Unity Software • Expression Blend • IOS & Android Programming